How to Dot your Mandala with a Brush

How to Dot your Mandala with a Brush
Liona Hotta

Become a part of our growing Brush-Dotting Community today, and effortlessly apply this technique to upscale your mandalas.

1. In only 4 weeks you will learn a set of skills that you will forever own - the ability to easily dot with brushes.

2. These are bite-size pre-recorded lessons with calm music, tutorial videos, soft vocal guidance and subtitles so you have an easy and clear learning at your own comfort and pace.

3. You will practice with unique Worksheets (you won't find anywhere els) that are specially designed to gradually and constantly lead you from doubting to dotting.

4. You get to join our AMAZING community where you get weekly Live Q&A calls with me, and loads of love and support from your fellow students and former students who are active members of the group.

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