Dots, Swirls & Swooshes Bundle

Dots, Swirls & Swooshes Bundle
Liona Hotta

An advanced course for brush dotters. Hand-painted swooshes and swirls are the next level of dotting technique.

In this course, you will be taken through methodical and crystal clear steps, using practice worksheets (as you always find in my courses) and show you the way to free your hand, and easily paint Swooshes and Swirls with a brush.

Freehand swooshes and swirls, painted with a brush are a step further in obtaining freedom and gaining more control of your painting hand. They are a deeper step into the meditative state of mind and a joyous, playful feeling- once properly controlled and executed.

This bundle contains:

HOW TO DOT YOUR MANDALA WITH A BRUSH (4 weeks course) March 2021

SWIRL & SWOOSH IT!* (6 weeks course) April 2021

*Swirl & Swoosh it! course is no longer available for purchase a part. 

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