Liona Hotta

Teacher/Owner by the Mandala Dot Art Academy Course: How to Dot Your Mandala with a brush - Dots Swirls & Swooshes Bundle

Hi, I'm Liona Hotta and this is my Dotting Academy. 

I have been creating and selling mandala art and related articles for the last 5 years. In total, I have been living off my painting art for over 20 years (since 1999).

I got into mandala painting coincidentally when I was preparing hand-made gifts for my vocal students (yes I am also a singer) and sought for a way to create those presents.

At first, since I only painted at night, I immediately noticed that my sleep had improved as I was falling into it readily and peacefully.

Later, when I made mandala-dotting a part of my daily routine, I could see how it helped me relax and center.

Soon I realised I was thinking of absolutely nothing while dotting, my mind remained quiet for long. It became my only meditation habit (oh, I’m such a restless person and could never sit and meditate like everyone else).

I began listening to music, guided meditations and affirmations as well as audiobooks while painting. Soon, I noticed how my whole life was changing- I felt more centered, calm, and able to handle life’s hassles and challenges.

I created my first online course and launched my website and blog in December 2019. Since then, I have an on-going stream flow of new students, readers, and followers who are joining my online creative family every day.

As the demand for more dotting techniques rose, I invited other dot artists to join the teachers staff and teach their own methods using different tools such as dotting tools, cones and squeeze bottles.

I feel blessed to be able to offer these courses and be a part of my students’ artistic growth.

While perfecting my particular techniques and precision, I focus my learnings on a wide range of valuable aspects that mandala dotting has to offer, and I happily share those with my students. 

The Online Mandala Dot-Art Academy (

How to dot your mandala with a brush - on demand course 

- Dots Swirls & Swooshes Bundle - on demand course

- How To Dot Your mandala With a Brush in SPANISH (Puntillismo en Mandalas con Pincel - enrolment open, course will launch November 7th)